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The Museum is Big News

Good morning! Yesterday was an exciting day for the museum. We had a wonderful article published that we hope will bring the museum to the attention of even more people in our community. The article provided an update on our progress, what we hope to accomplish, and what we are still working toward.

Demolition of the interior walls, flooring, and acoustical ceiling is almost complete-now for the big job of cleanup! Electrical plans are being finalized, and then we will be on our way toward applying for the state permits that will allow us to remove that dividing wall between the two spaces and get to business. We are anxious for the fun part of bringing our vision to life.

We still have three areas left in the "Downtown" to fill with sponsors, and many grant applications are out. We hope to contract Boss Display of Columbus to build the water table, cave (glow in the dark exploration area), and ball wall for us, which will require additional funding.

Be sure to check out the article in the Logan Daily, and follow us on Facebook or here for more updates on the museum!

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